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Along with research activities, Navetco focus on manufacturing and doing business as well. With over 55 years of experience in vaccine production, we are now offering 22 types of high-quality and reliable products, including bacterial and viral product lines, under the strict compliance with current GMP-WHO and production process with the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

Our vaccines are available in different dosage amounts, suitable for various sizes of livestock and poultry, such as 25 - 1,000 doses/ bottle for poultry or 10 - 25 doses/ bottle for cattle. With stable quality and convenient packaging, the products have been trusted by customers for many years.

Some of our viral vaccine products such as:

  • For pigs: Freeze-Dried Tissue Culture Hog Cholera Vaccine
  • For poultry: Gumboro Vaccine, Freeze-Dried Tissue Culture Duck Cholera Vaccine, Newcastle Vaccine (Lasota Strain, M Strain, F Strain And Heat-Resistant Strain)
  • For rabbits: Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Vaccine 
  • Especially, we are proud to be the first in Vietnam market which was able to produce bird flu vaccines named Navet-Vifluvac in 2012. 

Some of our bacterial vaccine products, such as:

  • For cattle: Inactivated and oil adjuvant Hemorrhagic Septicaemia vaccine (strain P52);
  • For pigs: Septicaemic Pasteurellosis vaccine and Salmonellosis vaccine;
  • For goats: Hemorrhagic Septicemia vaccine and Goat Pox Vaccine;
  • For poultry: Hemorrhagic septicemia and E. coli vaccine;
  • Anti-Gum.

Particularly in 2012, NAVETCO has successfully launched our Avian Influenza vaccine Navet-Vifluvac. The vaccine has been NAVETCO’s and Vietnamese people’s pride to be the first locally-manufactured influenza vaccine which serves the purpose of economics savings and proactivity in fighting against avian influenza.

At present, NAVETCO offers over 100 aquaculture and veterinary medicine products. All products are manufactured on modern production lines under GMP-WHO standards certified by the Department of Animal Health – MARD and BVQI in 2013.

Our medicine manufacturing plant, including injection and powder production lines, is located in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP 1) in Binh Duong. Our products are both widely used by clients for disease prevention and treatment, and selected by MARD for State reserve purpose.