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March 2012: Launch of H5N1 Vaccine for poultry

Update on Thu, 27.03.2014

National Veterinary Company (NAVETCO) will launch avian influenza vaccine H5N1 to the market right in March 2012. This will continue to completely replace the imported vaccines, and help the local industry to save hundreds of billion VND annually. 

The Science Council of Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), has agreed for NAVETCO to put into production NAVET – Vifluvac vaccine . This is the result of research scientists from the Institute of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and National Veterinary Company (NAVETCO) since 2003. 

Sensitive to the need for prevention 

Since 2003, when avian influenza first appeared in Vietnam, a policy to import AI vaccines from China has been applied. This fact costs the country hundreds of billion VND annually. But the drawback of this vaccine is that it is not entirely suitable to the modified virus strains currently circulating in some Northern provinces of Vietnam. 

Based on this fact, the Institute of Biotechnology (IOB) has come forward to contact a number of organizations worldwide to find the strain of H5N1 AI for the purposes of research and production of vaccines. On 11th March 2005, BIOTECH has received NIBRG - 14 strain from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in London (UK). 

Immediately upon receipt of the strain, IOB has started the research registration for producing avian influenza vaccines (for veterinary use). 

According to the researchers, this is an important milestone in the study of AI vaccines in Vietnam. After receiving the appropriate strain, the scientists at BIOTECH have urgently embarked on the research. This strain was generated by reverse genetics technology (artificial virus containing the full genome where H5 antigenic genes with "poison" regions has been modified by genetic engineering).

From such success, Ministry of Science and Technology has supported IOB to continue to implement the project in the second phase since 2007-2008 with the research content and process evaluation process in production of AI H5N1 vaccine. 

Towards replacement of imported vaccines 

A chicken ranch in Xuan Mai (Hanoi) was chosen as the venue to conduct the experimental steps above. 1,500 chickens were divided into two lots, one lot of 1,000 children was vaccinated and a control lot of 500 children was not vaccinated. After injection, periodically blood samples of injected and un-injected poultry were collected and diagnosed for the effect of the vaccine. The results showed that 70-80% of vaccinated chickens has shown antibody level that meets international immunity standards. 

Due to requirements in practice, in 2009, NAVETCO has proposed to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to permit and support the project "Trial production of AI vaccine A / H5N1 in oil emulsion for disease prevention in poultry" with a budget of 1.5 billion VND. 

Dr. Tran Xuan Hanh, the project leader - Deputy Director of NAVETCO said, based on the research results of IOB, along with the assistance of Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development, NAVETCO has implemented the project “Trial production of AI vaccine A / H5N1 in oil emulsion for disease prevention in poultry". This has given birth to the vaccine called NAVET - Vifluvac. 

Currently, the project has successfully produced AI vaccine virus, strains NIBRG - 14 that meet sterility standards and genetic stability. The project has also developed manufacturing processes of AI vaccine at industrial scale with a capacity of 500,000 liters / batch (1,000,000 doses / batch). Vaccine shelf-life is 12 months from manufacturing date and be stored at 2-8oC. 

Thus, in the coming time, Vietnam will have the ability to be active in the production of H5N1 avian influenza vaccine, to meet domestic demand and eventually completely replace imported vaccines. 


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