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Recognition and Commendations

The great contributions of NAVETCO have been honored by the State and governmental authorities with many prestigious commendations and awards: 

  • Independence Order - Third class (2011);
  • Labor Order – First class (2006)
  • Labor Order – Second class (1995)
  • Labor Order – Third Class (1985)
  • Emulation flag by Prime Minister (2006); 
  • Various commendations, merits and emulation flags by MARD,
  • Collective Labor Excellence recognized by MARD for many consecutive years

In addition, we have also won many grand prizes and awards, i.e.: 

  • Gold Cup for Vietnam Pharmaceutical Brand;
  • Top 100 Vietnam Brands; 
  • Vietnam Golden Rice Award;
  • Vietnam High Quality Goods Award; 
  • Trusted Brand Award; 
  • Vietnam FAST 500 Ranking Lists (2012, 2013) 

Notably, in the field of science and technology, we have achieved: 

  • Innovative Science and Technology HCMC Award (2010) 
  • Scientific and Technological Creations Awards (2011)
  • WIPO Award (2012)