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Giá bán xin liện hệ


  • Raw protein 395 gr
  • Lipid 25gr
  • Calcium 5gr
  • Phosphorus 7gr
  • Sodium 2.5gr
  • Potassium 22 gr
  • Lysine 27.5gr
  • Methionine 7gr
  • Cystine 6.5gr
  • Tryptophane 5.5gr
  • Threonine 17.5gr
  • Sugar, milk 1 kg


  • Navet-Milk have very high nutrition ingredients same as breast milk. Moreover, it also adds more essential amino acids, digestive enzyme, sugar, milk.
  • For livestock, Navet-Milk is used for newborn animal to replace breast milk in case the mother less or lack of milk. Use as nutrient supplement, digestive enzyme for weaned piglets, fastening growth, reduce feeding cost.

Administration and dosage:

  • Dissolve in water from animal drink or mix in animal feed.
  • Dosage:
    • Newborn piglet: solute 1kg drug in 2.5 liters warm water for drink.
    • Weaned piglet: mix 1kg drug in 15kg animal feed.
    • After weaning age: mix 1kg drug in 25-30kg animal feed.
    • Less milked sow: mix 1kg in 30kg animal feed.
    • Calves, newborn of buffalo, goat, sheep: Mix 1kg drug in 2.5 liter of warm water for drink.


Keep in a cool and dark place.


100 gr; 500 gr; 1,000 gr/ sachet, 100 ml/ bottle.